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Which Date Works? - Getting Plans Done - www.WhichDateWorks.com

Need everyone's availability at your fingertips? WhichDateWorks.com takes the hassle out of planning.

TOUR: See how we make group plans quick and easy!

Get your plans rolling...

Name your plans, provide some details

  • Suggest a restaurant or two
  • List possible bachelor party activities
  • Let everyone know where the bride-to-be is registered

Everyone's email addresses... when you need them

Get to your contacts faster and easier

  • Simply type in emails addresses
  • Easily import your existing address book
  • Quickly select your most recent contacts when you sign in to your free account.

Everyone picks the dates that work best for them

As you move your mouse over the dates in the calendar, select if you're available, not available or not sure. It's that easy!

  • Works for me if yes, you are available on this date.
  • No can do if no, you are not available on this date.
  • Might be around if maybe, you will know you're available on this date soon.

View the guest list & see dates that were picked

View everyone's response at a glance or move your mouse over any date to view who said yes and who said no.

Finalize the date for your plans

Finalize the date that works best and we will send an email to everyone letting them know when the plans are taking place.

We do all the busy work so you don't have to!

Keep track of your plans & invitations you've accepted

Your free account gives you access to your own "recent plans" page, which helps you manage and keep track of all your plans.

It includes plans you have created and plans that you have been invited to.


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